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Appreciation of the Arts

Woodcuts Gallery and Framing ( continues its “Appreciation of the Arts” column of enlightening art enthusiasts with information, news on upcoming artists and art events. This week we focus on the art technique of “glazing.” Just what is glazing? Glazing is the generic term for the Protective covering used over artwork. Glazing can be glass, acrylic, or possibly other products. In addition to variation in the product itself, there are different types of finishes and qualities available. Glazing products comes in a variety of sizes. There are often, misunderstandings about the conservation properties of various glazing products. The types of Glazing are as follows:


“Types of Glazing”

Premium Clear Glass - This is commonly called regular glass, it looks like

window glass but it is of higher quality.

Conservation Clear Glass - This looks a lot like premium clear glass but, it

has a slightly different coloring due to its

ultraviolet filtering.

Reflective Control Glass - Commonly called non-glare glass, this is regular

glass that has been acid-etched, Single sided

etching is preferable to maintain clarity.

Reflection control products should not be used

with more than two mats.

Conservation Reflection Control Glass - This has all the same properties

as reflection control (non-glare) glass plus the

added benefit of ultraviolet filtering.

Image Reflection Glass - Both sides are micro- etched, so it maintains the,

anti-reflective properties from all angles.

Museum Glass - This has all the same properties of anti-reflective glass

with the added benefits of ultraviolet filtering protection.


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