Business — 26 November 2012
How Sweet it is Shuga!

By Janice Malone

“Hey Sugar” is now more than an endearing phrase. With a little revision in the spelling, those two words have now been refined as “HEY SHUGA!” which means sweet-treats eating for all of us dessert lovers.

Those Thanksgiving and Christmas baked dessert goodies can now be created with the purest and best sugar available by using Caribbean Liquid Sugar (

Hey Shuga! and Lil’ Shuga! are both cane sugar syrups that are 100% USDA organic, gluten- free, GMO free, vegan, kosher and preservative free. Hey Shuga! is a pure cane sugar syrup and Lil’ Shuga! is a blend of both cane sugar and Stevia.

Both syrups pour more easily than honey and will be the delicious game changers for this year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday baking. This writer has used both products in coffee and tea, and loved the flavor that wasn’t too sweet or heavy.

It only took a small amount to get the sweet balance that would normally take at least a full tablespoon or two teaspoons with regular sugar, so that’s a big help on calories. The convenience of a liquid makes it perfect for hot & cold beverages, a great topping for fresh fruit, or even for certain cocktails. The sister brand, Lil’ Shuga! is a natural blend of Stevia leaf extract and Cane sugar.

The result is a delicious blend that is twice as sweet as sugar, so it only takes a little dab to get a big sweet flavor. Both sugars are packed with a kick of Caribbean soul for the palate. Each brand will soon be available in natural Vanilla, Hazelnut, Maple and Irish Cream flavors.

For more information about the Hey Shuga! line of syrups for your holiday cooking see:


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