Community — 14 July 2013
Cohen Calls For Investigation Into Whether Trayvon Martin’s Killing Was Racially Motivated

Congressman joins Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP, and others in asking DOJ to consider federal hate crime or other civil rights charges against George Zimmerman.

[MEMPHIS, TN] – Just hours after George Zimmerman, the undisputed killer of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, was acquitted on state charges of second degree murder, Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09) announced his intention to join the Congressional Black Caucus and others in calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to consider federal hate crime or other civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

“Right here in Memphis, federal law was used to achieve justice in the murder of Shelby County Code Enforcement inspector Mickey Wright when state law and local authorities failed to do so,” said Congressman Cohen. “I requested an investigation by then-FBI Agent-in-Charge My Harrison that led to a federal indictment by U.S. Attorney Ed Stanton III and a subsequent guilty plea that will keep the murderer behind bars for the rest of his life.”

“The family and friends of Trayvon Martin are in my heart today, and I am disappointed in this miscarriage of justice allowing an undisputed killer to walk free. I will request that the Department of Justice fully consider federal hate crime or other civil rights charges against George Zimmerman. We have a responsibility to protect the safety of all people in this country and the vigilantism that led to the death of an unarmed teenager must not go unpunished.”


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