Community Editorial — 04 April 2012
Mothers Of Murdered Sons Speak Out.

It’s a National Crisis!!
In support of Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, we want to let her know that she is not alone. There are many mothers who have lost sons at the hands of law enforcement: police officers, jail personnel and security guards. It’s a national crisis that has transfixed families, paralyzed communities and halted the lives of unarmed, vulnerable young men (
Four women from different parts of the country were total strangers before the tragic experience of their unarmed sons, being senselessly killed by law enforcement, united them. One by a SWAT team, two by police officers and one by jailers ( In their frantic search for answers, support and empathy, these mothers found each other through the Internet and POMC (Parents of Murdered Children). It was as if a life raft had been thrown out to them as they were drowning in a sea of unanswered questions, frustrating loop-holes and emotional turmoil that few could understand. It was through their connection and bonding that a grass-roots organization was formed.
Their grass-roots organization: MOMS-UKBLE (Mothers of Murdered Sons: Unarmed and Killed by Law Enforcement) was started by this small group of mothers who experienced the horrific death of their unarmed sons by those under oath to protect, not commit senseless, avoidable killings ( They have garnered support and obtained information from many organizations and decided that NOW is the time to launch the MOMS website. NOW is the time to enlighten the public. NOW is the time to seek change and accountability to a system that’s flawed with cover-ups, stalling tactics and transparent excuses. And NOW is the time to add their voices to Sybrina Fulton’s voice – an unofficial MOMS-UKBLE member, an organization she did not ask to join.
As Journalism Professor and Master Photographer Steve Lisp indicated in his documentary to help make an invisible side of American visible, “You can’t fix what you can’t see.” MOMS not only brings to light the experiences of mothers, but also shares viable resources to help families cope through their tragic loss while seeking needed change in a legal system that fosters this national crisis.
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