Community — 30 April 2012
Nashville Peacemakers Honor Clemmie Greenlee At Wine And Cheese Fundraiser

By Jason Luntz

Nashville, TN – This past Thursday, Clemmie Greenlee, founder of Nashville Peacemakers, was honored for her work with young people throughout  Nashville. The event was the second fundraiser of its type for the community outreach organization that, according to its website, dedicates itself to intervening in the lives of teens and young adults. An enthusiastic crowd filled The Uptown Grill, a restaurant at 1341 Dickerson Road, to listen to speakers discuss the accomplishments of Nashville Peacemakers and the positive influence Greenlee has had within the community.

Reverend Harold M. Love, Jr. pastor of St. Paul A.M.E located in Nashville, hosted the evening. Love recently announced that he is running for state House District 58 in Tennessee and remains an advocate for nonviolence.

Reverend Harold M. Love Jr. (Photo By: Jason Luntz)

After finding herself in and out of prison, Clemmie Greenlee decided to change the direction of her life and become active in the community. “I changed my life at the age of 42,” she explained. “I was tired of the circle and cycle of my life. I entered a program for women recently out of prison at the Magdalene House ran by Reverend Becca Stevens.” This program, designed to help repeat female offenders, motivated Greenlee to want to help others that she saw without much hope around Nashville.

Initially Greenlee focused her time and energy on the homeless, those with drug addiction, and the HIV epidemic. She soon realized that her focus was better needed helping young people, as gang violence began to engulf her neighborhood. In 2003 this very violence took her son’s life, totally redirecting her passion and leading her to create the Nashville Peacemakers.

Two young adults whose lives have been directly affected by Greenlee spoke at the event, Mykeisha Sanders, and Quoinetez Gleaves. There was also an original poem performed by Ashley Stewart and two musical performances by local singer Alpha – Zoe.

As the program continued, Reverend Love explained how important raising money is for grassroots organizations, and asked those in attendance to donate what they could.

In total the event raised $680.00 that will go towards much-needed resources. As necessary as financial donations are to the organization Greenlee feels that people with talents and time is just as important. “Anybody that can give me a dollar or a thousand dollars is appreciated,” she continued. “But what we need help with are people who are good with communication skills; marketing, writing, speaking engagements, and the Internet. We need people who can assist us with those kind of talents.”

For more information on Clemmie Greenlee and the Nashville Peacemakers please visit their website:


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