Community New Life — 15 August 2013
New Life Graduate Becomes Co-Facilitator for Group

Reginald Green credits The New Life Program for allowing him to spend more time with his children.

By A.J. Dugger III

Reginald Green is grateful for his new role as co-facilitator for Nashville’s New Life Program, an organization that helps fathers who are struggling financially, spiritually or emotionally. Green was one of the graduates from the first class of New Life graduates last year.

Before enrolling in the program, Green was having a rough time. “I was self-employed as a barber for nine years,” he said. “When the economy failed, business started going down. I started losing customers. It cut my client list in half. Most of my colleagues wound up being laid off or moving way. I started getting behind in child support and they suspended my license.”

Shortly after his license was suspended, Green saw a posting promoting The New Life Program on Facebook. The program hadn’t started yet, but Green got in touch with Robert Taylor, the founder of New Life. “He told me I was the first person to call,” Green remembered. With Taylor’s help, Green got his license reinstated. “I started attending the program and it opened up doors for me to move forward. Everything just kept falling into place. ”

As things progressed, Green became passionate about seeing so many fathers doing their best to improve their lives. “I grew up without my father in my life,” he said. “I was 30 years old when I reunited with my dad. Growing up, I never wanted my children to feel like I did.”

Green became more and more involved with New Life. “Every time there was a function, I was always willing to help. There are a lot of fathers out here that fall between the tracks and need help.” Taylor and the rest of his staff took note of Green’s enthusiasm and asked him to become a co-facilitator, a role he has held for four months. Green helps teach the workshop classes. “I’m trying to get everyone to see the greater good of this program,” said Green. “It impacted my life. I’m able to spend more quality time with my kids and have that quality one-on-one time with them.”

Green has five children. He married in July and a sixth child (a stepdaughter) has become a new addition to his family.

For more information on The New Life Program, call (615) 340-8989 or visit


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