Community — 17 October 2012
Vice Presidential Debate Discussed in Local Forum

Vice President Joe Biden had a strong showing in the only debate for the vice presidential candidates on Oct. 11 but Republican candidate Paul Ryan stayed competitive in the performance.

The candidates debated on a range of domestic and foreign policy issues facing the country. Biden clearly had the upper  hand when discussing the  foreign policy issues. Ryan attempted to explain where the Romney- Ryan ticket stood on foreign policy but failed on facts, panelists in the second community forum said.

“I was proud of Vice President Biden,” said Marilyn Robinson. “He did not let Ryan distort the facts.”

Sam Coleman added that Ryan did what he set out to do for the conservatives and left the “red meat” for Romney and Obama to take up in the next presidential debate.

All the panelists agreed that Biden did what he was supposed to do in setting up the next debate between the presidential candidates. “Was there a game changer that took place during the course of the debate,” Walter Searcy asked. “And in my opinion there was not.”

State Rep. Brenda Gilmore felt the behavior of the Romney and Biden in the  first two debates almost mirrored each other. People felt Romney was assertive and then said Biden was rude, she said. And that wasn’t true.

You can see the full discussion in Parts 1 and 2 on under the second community forum. Community reaction to the second presidential debate will be available  ursday night on Please send us your comments.


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