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Announcing The Second Annual John W. Work III High School Piano Competition

Nashville, TN – The John W. Work III Memorial Foundation announces the second annual John W. Work III High School Piano Competition. John Wesley Work III (1901 – 1967) was an inspiring teacher at Fisk University for 39 years, chairman of the Music Department for a number of years, director of the Fisk University Jubilee Singers®, and an internationally known composer and arranger. He graduated from Fisk University, received an M.A. from the Teachers College of Columbia University, and a B. Mus. from Yale University. The John Work III Memorial Foundation, Inc. was established by the Nashville Chapter of The Links to honor his contributions, perpetuate his memory, promote his manuscripts, and foster performance, composition, and research in black musicology. Learn more about John W. Work and the Foundation at:

To participate in the competition each student will perform two (2) selections for the judges.

One (1) selection will be the John W. Work III composition titled“Big Bunch of Roses” (see sample below). A complete copy which will be sent at NO charge to any applicant upon request to Dr. Carol Creswell-Betsch, 615-329-9238 (or ). (Please leave mailing address on your voicemail message).

This piece need not be performed from memory.

The second selection may be any composition of the student’s choice, representing current or recent work with his or her piano teacher and lasting no more than five (5) minutes. A movement or distinct excerpt from a multi-movement sonata or suite is acceptable.

This piece must be performed from memory.

Download application here.


Saturday, April 12, 2014


Ward Hall

Lipscomb University


Student(s) must be enrolled at the time of the competition in the 9th through 12th grades at any public, private or home school in the Middle Tennessee area, who also take weekly private lessons with a piano teacher. With the application, the piano teacher must provide a letter certifying this eligibility.

PRIZES: (NO entry fee)

  • 1st Place Winner will receive $300.
  • 2nd Place Winner will receive $200.
  • 3rd Place Winner will receive $100.

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