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Write Like a Pro – Free eBook For Our Readers

According to Dr. Marćia Riley, a former columnist for The Tennessee Tribune, “Whether on the job, in school or retired – at some point you will need to write something that produces the desired results.” Therefore, her company strives to help individuals strengthen their writing skills in American English. For 32 years, Dr. Riley has successfully provided writing, editing, proofreading, transcribing and executive coaching services. Her company’s portfolio consists of academic, government and corporate clients across the United States. She also offers Pro Bono sessions on the written word for non-profit organizations.

Q – Why did you decide to produce this ebook?

A – Preparing a book on business and technical writing has been on my bucket list for three years. So when offered to write a book on writing for a global audience by Bookboon: a London publisher that specializes in ebooks, I saw this as an opportunity to share the knowledge and empower others on the written word…to give back to the Universe in a small way.

Q – Why were you selected?

A –I had never heard of Bookboon, so initially I thought it was some sort of vanity press sales pitch. But Ms. Sophie Tergeist convinced me otherwise. She found me through an online search and after reviewing EA’s website felt that I was qualified since Bookboon seeks “seasoned” experts who are passionate about their field of knowledge.


Q – How did you come up with the title?

A – My personal philosophy is that everyone has the ability to be a prolific writer; it’s just a matter of knowing their writing strengths and weaknesses, along with having access to effective writing tools and techniques. Of course, one has to have a sincere desire to want to improve their writing. Thus, Write Like A Pro just seemed like a practical title since once you use the knowledge you too can soar on the wings of words.

Q – When and why did you begin writing?

A – I think everyone begins writing when attending school. Being raised by grandparent who couldn’t read or write, the importance of these skills was constantly “banged” in my head while growing up. So I seized every writing opportunity starting with the high school newspaper, college campus paper and so on. However, my professional writing journey –publish or perish – began when employed as assistant professor at Western Kentucky University.

Q – Have you written other business books?

A – Only workbooks for clients who use them with trainings I conduct. This is my first business book for the public and certainly the first one that targets a global audience consisting of multi-lingual readers.

Q – What unique features will readers find in your book, if any?

A – Write Like A Pro not only presents effective manual tools and techniques to strengthen your writing skills, but also a variety of useful, free online resources.

Q – What is the most powerful or your favorite part of the book?

A – Well most authors would say that all parts of the book are favorites. However, two online editing tools that are my favorites: Find and Redefine; StyleWriter. These tools won’t make you a better writer, just like Spell Check doesn’t make you a better speller. Nonetheless, they help you produce clear, concise text while identifying unnecessary redundancy.

Q – What would you like for our readers to know about your new ebook?

A – Write Like A Pro is jam-packed with practical solutions to achieve desired results using effective tips, tools and techniques. It presents manual and online techniques to improve your writing, editing and proofreading skills. And a free copy is available at

Q – Any last comments regarding your ebook?

A – Yes. I didn’t realize this until after the book was finished. Your readers will need to answer three questions before downloading the ebook. I encourage them to not miss getting a FREE copy, so that they too can Write Like A Pro and soar on the wings of words!! “Powerful writing is not a secret, it’s a system.


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