Events — 05 August 2012
And the Winner is…

There is still time left to enter the upcoming Miss Black Tennessee USA and the Miss Black Tennessee Talented Teen USA Pageants. The state pageant event will take place in Chattanooga, TN in December 2012. Applications are now being accepted.

Gabrielle Mary Lewis is the current Miss Black Memphis USA 2013. She shares insights on what it means to her to represent the title. “Having this title means that I have the opportunity to serve the community. The goal and mission for the Miss Black Tennessee and the Miss Black USA organization is to empower all women. It empowers their minds, spirits and their bodies…It’s not a competition, it’s about empowerment. I believe that with service and educating our community, I can do so. It’s a passion of mine because I’m a people person. I believe that this mission and this journey, is being who I am that matters. That’s why I love this pageant and this organization. It stands for authenticity.

“ To receive an application to enter either Miss Black Tennessee USA or Miss Black Tennessee Talented Teen USA, contact the pageants State Director, Lorean C. Mays at: Lorean.

Gabrielle shares why she encourages young ladies to enter. “I would encourage young ladies to enter if they truly have a conviction to step out of their comfort zone and begin to walk by faith and not by sight. Because when you’re dealing with people who are coping with different adversities in this world, there must be a sense of compassion and loyalty to the people to seek the best in them. I would encourage any young lady to participate in any of the Miss Black USA organization’s titles—The Miss Black Memphis, Miss Black Nashville or whatever local city—especially if they stand for empowering women who may be experiencing various adversities in life. “ For more information about the Miss Black USA organization visit their website at:


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