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Former Nashville Resident Lands Role on New VH-1 Show

By: Janice Malone

Ladies, if you’re still looking for that ideal “Prince Charming,” the wait might be getting a little shorter. VH’1’s brand new reality show, MAKING MR. RIGHT, made its premiere last Sunday night, with a lot of fan fare among single ladies from across the country. ‘Making Mr. Right’ is a real life romantic comedy, the ultimate show-within-a-show that details the process to find a perfect match. The series allows women the opportunity to get inside a man’s mind and see what he’s  willing to do to make a relationship work. The show has three actual matchmakers  who will try to mold an eager group of men into the perfect guy for some lucky young lady.  The show airs Sunday nights, 8pm (CST) on VH-1.

Actor/model Lamarr Ladd is one of the handsome hunk contestants on Making Mr. Right.  Lamarr is not only drop dead fine but he’s really the total package: personable, chiseled physique, educated and not afraid of commitment; and grew up in a Christian home in a suburb of Mobile, AL. Currently living in Atlanta, Lamarr once lived in the Antioch area of Nashville. He received a full athletic scholarship to Langston, University. Possessing all of the listed qualities, it’s easy for one to assume that he has it made in the relationship department. Unfortunately, he doesn’t; therefore, this year he’s on a mission to find his Ms. Right by perhaps winning the title of Mr. Right on the new reality show. On Making Mr. Right, Lamarr is one of 14 guys living in a home that will be videotaped 24 hours a day. Lamar says, “On this show viewers will see guys simply being guys,” reveals Lamarr. “The cameras are around 24 hours a day, so anything that guys do and say whenever females aren’t around is captured on camera. We started to forget the cameras were there, so we’re just letting loose, saying things we normally don’t say around women. Female viewers will get to see a lot of what’s really going on inside a guy’s mind and what we’re really thinking.” Does that include answering the question, why do guys ask women for phone numbers and never call them? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

Lamarr’s been on a whirlwind media tour since the show aired last Sunday. He was a guest on the popular Tom Joyner Morning Show and will be promoting the show even further during the Stellar Awards festivities next week.  He says being a guest on the Tom Joyner Show was a very humbling experience for him. “It happened so quickly for me to get on the show. I was raised in the church and one of the old sayings the saints often said is ‘Favor ain’t fair.’ So I think being on that show so fast was a combination of faith, favor and the hard work of my publicist (Rebecca Briscoe) .

When it comes to the ladies Lamarr has a rather short list of dos and don’ts that he prefers for his lady to have. He says, “My Ms. Right, so to speak, is a woman who knows her way around every room of the house.—especially in the kitchen. I maintain a very healthy lifestyle and I travel a lot in my profession, so I need a young lady who’s familiar with the kitchen. I’m also quite athletic, so I would like a lady who also likes to eat healthy and exercise too. She needs to love fitness and have eating healthy for herself and not just to please a guy. “  Lamarr is very serious about his lady love being in shape. In fact, during one of the episodes of Making Mr. Right, he asks a woman who works as a dancer if she would consider working out more when her dancing career ends and admits he once told an ex-girlfriend  she needed to lose 15 pounds!

With his tall, athletic frame, Lamarr could easily fit into the category of a professional athlete. Additionally, his undeniable good looks have granted him numerous opportunities to model professionally. To date Lamarr has booked several nationally televised commercials for corporate brands such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and Smirnoff Vodka (2010 NBA Playoffs), and his face was even plastered on a Burger King bus wrap that toured nationally for a basketball promotional.

For a guy that is so multifaceted, he is gravitated to the kind of woman that keeps it simple, yet still maintains her core values. Lamarr is also looking for the type of woman that is highly motivated while having her own sense of identity. When wedding bells do ring, Lamarr says he will be the consummate provider, where his wife will make the final decision whether she wants to work or raise their children at home. Most importantly, Lamarr is looking for a good woman that sees their relationship as a partnership where they can see things through for better or worse. Are you that woman? As noted earlier, Lamarr will be in town next week during the Stellar Awards week/weekend. He will be signing autographs and making several meet and greet appearances all over the city. If you would like to meet him please contact him at:



Making Mr. Right Trailer on VH1:  http://youtu.be/pcTnTvmE2Xs 


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