Entertainment — 27 October 2011
JWoww “Wows” Nashville Fans!

By Janice Malone

JWoww, Jersey Shore Reality TV Star, was in town recently to promote two of her latest new products – a sunless spray and a beauty kit. The reality TV star made an appearance at the TV Star Smart Tan Tradeshow to debut her NEW JWOWW Continuous Sunless Spray, as well as her brand new Daily Maintenance Complete Facial Regime Kit.

Since her breakout role in MTV’s record-setting 2009 reality TV series, “Jersey Shore,” housemate Jenni “JWOWW” Farley has been featured in Rolling Stone and Maxim magazines, published a best-selling dating book called “The Rules According to JWOWW,” and been named by Barbara Walters as one of the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010. The Long Island native—who studied fine arts and graphic design while moon lighting as a club promoter in New York City before taking a star turn with the popular cable station—also serves as marketing director of Power Play International, Inc., a New York based web development company. No stranger to the world of social networking, she’s amassed upwards of one-and-a-half million followers on Twitter plus over 3.1 million Facebook friends. She recently returned from Italy filming Season 4 of “Jersey Shore” alongside her equally famous cast mates, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Pauly D, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. In addition to appearing on “Jersey Shore,” JWOWW recently launched a line of tanning products with industry leader Australian Gold®, along with a new signature skincare kit. Instrumental in the development of every beauty product carrying her name, JWOWW took a hands-on approach from the formulations to the packaging, bottles, and logos, which she personally designed.

JWoww recently made several personal appearances here in Nashville, during a whirlwind tour to promote her new line of products. One of her stops was at the downtown Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center. She signed autographs, talked about her new products and sprayed some fans with her new JWoww Continuous Sunless Spray. It was a standing room only crowd of fans but somehow we managed to get a quick chat with Ms. Farley between breaks.

TRIBUNE: Share some details about your new skin care product.

J. WOWW: “I have a new moisturizer, an eye cream and a facial wash that just came out. It’s a complete facial maintenance kit. I have a very busy schedule that sometimes causes me to miss sleep at times, so I wanted to come up with a product that makes the customer look refreshed every day. If a person has been up partying most of the night with a hangover the next day or maybe if it’s a student who’s been studying into the wee hours, these new products will help. The creams have melatonin in them and this helps give the skin a nice healthy color and tone plus, it helps to firm and tighten the skin too. The skin care products also smell so clean and refresh. We’ve used mint, combined with various other extracts and refreshing smells, that really gives the skin a cooling sensation.”

TRIBUNE: I see on your website that you’ve been asking your fans to suggest some Halloween outfits for your two little dogs. Have you decided what costume you will be wearing?

J. WOWW: “My boyfriend and I will be in Las Vegas for the Halloween weekend. It’s kind of a surprise on what my costume will be. Everybody will have to wait and see. But I did have this company call Rock Star Puppies send my dogs some adorable costumes, so that will be fun for them. I’m thinking that my dog Bella should be dressed as a princess for some reason. And my other dog Noel is kind of a tomboy, so I might dress her up in a pumpkin outfit. My little dogs are my precious babies.”

TRIBUNE: Your fellow Jersey Shore cast mate Vinny recently made the comment that he thinks you’re “good wifey material.” What do you think of his statement?

J. WOWW: (LOL) “Yes, I heard about that. He thinks I will be the first one in the cast to get married. He’s probably saying that because my guy Roger and I have been together for going on two years now and still going strong, while some of the other cast members relationships have been off and on. So I guess it’s by default that my relationship is quite stable.”

TRIBUNE: If and when the time comes for you to get married do you want a big wedding like Kim Kardashian recently had?

J. WOWW: Probably take my friends and family and go to Las Vegas and do a huge party. So I would like to keep it traditional in a sense, in that we would say our marital vows among about three to four hundred guests but it would be fun because it would be in Vegas.”

TRIBUNE: In keeping in line with the wedding tradition of: something old, something borrowed and something blue, what would be your something blue item?

J. WOWW: “Maybe a piece of jewelry that once belonged to my grandmother. She had a necklace with a blue gemstone in it that I would love to wear.”

TRIBUNE: One of your fans wants me to ask you, do you like to cook and if so, what’s your best dish?

J. WOWW: “That would be chicken parma and penne alla vodka.”

TRIBUNE: Another one of your fans, who’s only 15 and does part time babysitting, wants to know what is the “yuckiest” job you’ve ever had?

J. WOWW: “That’s ironic that she does babysitting because I worked as a nanny for four years while I was in college. I love babysitting and watching kids. But I guess one of the hardest jobs is working in a nursing home.

TRIBUNE: I know you’re on a tight schedule. Thank you for the chat.

J. WOWW: “You are so welcome and thank you for your time as well.”


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