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Lupe Fiasco Keeps Nashville in the “Loop” on New Tour

By: Kendall Sullivan

Known for his lyricism which tends to focus on social issues, and his various lyrical techniques, Lupe Fiasco has been turning heads in the music industry since 2005 when he rose to fame after being featured on Kanye West’s single “Touch The Sky.” Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Lupe Fiasco is now preparing his fifth studio album entitled “Tetsuo and Youth,”. Lupe will begin “The Tetsuo & Youth” tour to promote the album. I recently sat down with Lupe, and discussed the album, the tour, and much more that Lupe has in store.

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TRIBUNE:  Lupe, nice talking to you. You are doing a lot of big things, busy man! Are you excited about the upcoming tour?

L: Very excited! This tour is really different. It’s a preview tour for my upcoming album. Usually, the album is released first and then you tour and perform songs from the album.  But on this tour I am taking a different approach by touring first and releasing the album last. I am very excited for the fans to hear some of the new material from the album.

TRIBUNE:  That is very different and creative. What made you decide to tour first and release the album second?

L: My management! My management presented the idea to me and I thought it was great. Before, we never got a chance to really get on the road properly so this is definitely a great way for me to give back to the fans.

TRIBUNE:  Most definitely. Lupe, since this is a preview tour, will you still be performing singles from your previous 4 albums that the fans have came to know and love you for?

L: Yeah, I think I have to perform those songs. Whenever I have a show, I always have a level of fans, fans that came in on my first album, fans from my mix tapes, fans from Lasers, fans from The Cool. I always have to come with something for a little bit of everyone. I have to do the songs for the hardcore Lupe fans. I also have to do the songs that make you dance, and I have to do the fan favorites, and I have to do the hits. And it is still an opportunity for all of my fans to be introduced to my new music at the same time so all in all it is going to be a great show. Most importantly, it will be a fun and a great show.

TRIBUNE:  Speaking of the new music, the new single “Old School Love” featuring Ed Sheeran. How did that single come about?

L: It came from Atlantic Records. All thumbs up to the label. It was a record people were submitting to the label to get to me. As confident as I may sound in certain things, I do not know what a hit record sounds like, so I played the song for my friend Guy Sebastian, he knows hit records. I played the song for him and he said, ‘Lupe you have to do this record!’ Ed Sheeran is a super good dude. But all thumbs up go to Guy Sebastian.

TRIBUNE:  The name of the new album is “Tetsuo & Youth.” What is the meaning behind the title for the album?

L: To be 100% honest, as you know, all of my previous album titles have had a significant meaning behind them. You know you can do a whole album just off of the album title. This title has no significant meaning. It is just a name. People will make up their own meanings for the title. But from the horse’s mouth it does not mean anything. And really when I was meeting with the album they asked me what is the meaning for the title? And I told them, ‘nothing it’s just a name.’

TRIBUNE:  It’s recently been reported that you have Big K.R.I.T. on the album and you have Ed Sheeran on the album. Are there any more special guest features on the album?

L: Oh yeah there are a ton of people on the album. I have Chris Brown o Rick Ross, Luke James and Nashville’s own Young Buck is on the album. As an artist, I still want the Christmas moment where you look into your stocking under the tree and you say ‘OH MY GOD!’

TRIBUNE:  Do you have a release date for the album? Is it set with the label?

L: Not yet. No specific date, should be first quarter 2014 since we are doing the promotion for the album now. I don’t think release dates matter anymore to be honest. When it comes it will come and will be right but as of now no exact release date.

TRIBUNE:  Looking forward to it! Any surprises for the show?

L: It really depends on the city and who I can bring out but the most important thing is that the fans are getting brand new music. PRINT THIS: IF YOU ARE COMING TO THE SHOW DO NOT LOOK AT ANY OF THE YOUTUBE FOOTAGE FROM THE PRIOR SHOWS AND SPOIL IT FOR THE SHOW.

TRIBUNE:  I will make sure that is in bold letters for our readers.

Lupe Fiasco will be in Nashville on Sunday November 3, 2013 at the War Memorial Auditorium! For more information regarding the new album “Tetsuo & Youth” and “The Tetsuo & Youth Tour” visit www.lupefiasco.com








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