Health — 12 September 2013
Promise2Care Helps Sick With Prescription Drugs

By Jason Luntz

As the debate about the rising cost of health care in the nation continues, Promise2Care Pharmacy helps patients receive their prescription drugs in an affordable way. The company’s goal is to deliver cost-effective programs and services so its customers can live life with improved health, wellness, and independence. Through an effective mailorder system, Promise2Care makes receiving medication an easy process for both working adults and seniors. Chairman and CEO Readus C. Smith III has made a commitment to providing education and support to those who are suffering with disease and sickness.

“We provide literature and consulting for diabetics and will keep clients updated with our upcoming events and health fairs,” explained Smith. “For the financially burdened, Promise2Care cooperates with special co-pay services to ensure that patients are getting their medication the lowest prices we can provide.“

Promise2Care has developed a system that includes the ability for physicians and patients to fax in or call-in prescriptions. Rather than have patients participate in an automatic refill program, the pharmacy now contacts patients 10 days before their supply of medicine runs out. This verification program saves customers and doctors both time and money, Smith said.

Also with the ability to mail overnight, the pharmacy now offers the shipment of emergency packs to patients anywhere in the United States.

Aware of the rise in patients who are diagnosed with Diabetes, the pharmacy has a goal to make diabetic maintenance and care easier for both patients and doctors by offering a free Glucose Meter for members. Smith has also developed a new program that gives children with diabetes a free meter to be placed at their school to allow their glucose levels to be monitored throughout the day.

The new meters also offer medical providers access to a new system call TeleHealth. This allows glucose levels to be monitored by connecting the meter to a computer. Through election communication physicians can see if their patients are complying with their medication treatment.

As a victim of advanced Crohn’s disease, Smith understands the importance of a support system and a medical community that cares. One of his most recent decisions was eliminating voicemail for his call center staff. “When you call to place an order, we want you speaking to a person every time,” Smith said.

After a hospital stay, Smith changed the name of his company from Ready Healthcare Corporation to Promise2Care.

“I asked God if he raised me up, I would take care of as many people as I could,” he continued. “The first day out of the hospital I said I wanted to change the name of the company to remember the vow that I made. “

As one of the fastest growing mail-order pharmacies in the nation, Promise2Care has expanded by building a new facility located i n Nashville, TN. The building serves as a state-of-the-art distribution center for medication, a call center, corporate headquarters, and brand new retail location for prescription pick-up.

Smith is excited about the opportunities the growth of his business has allowed him to participate in helping the community. This includes health fairs, speaking to organizations about proper diabetic treatment, and exercise-based programs. “We do things like ‘Thinning is Winning’ where we give a flat screen television to the one who lost the most weight,” Smith Said. “We do exciting stuff to stay involved in the community.”

To begin using Promise2Care, call 1-877-323-9067. After speaking to a specialist, a pharmacist contacts the patient’s doctor to verify all medications and dosages. Most forms of insurance are accepted. Patients can have medicines delivered to their home or place of business.

You can see an interview with Readus Smith III on this week’s Take 10 On Tuesday.

Grand Opening of Promise2Care Nashville Facility.

  • l-r, Jay Hampton, Readus C. Smith III, Michelle Bilinski and Readus “Cord” Smith IV
  • l-r, Readus C. Smith III, Terry Richardson, Readus “Cord” Smith IV and Ronald Cartmell
  • l-r, Tribune Publisher Rosetta Miller Perry, Readus C. Smith III and Cynthia Sessoms
  • l-r, Hybebah Chevalier and Jana Uttz
  • l-r, Pamela Emmons and daughter Karmen Emmons, Promise2Care employee
  • l-r, Russell Rivers Jr., Readus C. Smith III and Perez Grimes



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