Art Local — 06 March 2014
St. Cecilia Senior Receives Silver Key Award for Artwork

NASHVILLE, TN — St. Cecilia Academy (SCA) senior, Blair Ely uses dry pastels on cardboard she salvages from SCA. Ely was the recent recipient of the prestigious Silvery Key award in the annual Scholastic Arts competition and also took 2nd place in the Renaissance Center art competition. 

The question, “Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?” has been pondered by philosophers throughout time. In the case of one St. Cecilia Academy student, the answer is simple. 

The artwork senior Blair Ely creates is inspired by the mission work she does in Haiti. One look at the captivating faces in her artwork and the answer is evident. Art really does imitate life.

Ely wrote about how mesmerizing the imagery in Haiti is for her in a journal entry:

“No picture or film can accurately depict nor prepare your mind for the sights you will see in Haiti. Endless piles of trash and human waste, crumbling buildings at every turn, and masses of people everywhere. Though scary at the start, the painful process of etching these images in my mind helped make me the person I am today.”


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