Politics — 27 October 2012
A Voteless People Is A Hopeless People

Nashville’s Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity continues so support the program “A Voteless People is a Hopeless People” which was initiated as a National Program of Alpha Phi Alpha during the 1930’s when many African-Americans had the right to vote but were prevented from voting because of poll taxes, threats of reprisal, and lack of education about the voting process. Today it is voter ID in many states including Tennessee and Voter education and registration has remained a dominant focus of the Alpha’s outreach activity for over 65 years. In the 1990’s, the focus has shifted to include political awareness and empowerment, delivered most frequently through town meetings and candidate forums.

Today the focus has shifted to voter suppression a strategy to influence the outcome of an election by discouraging or preventing people from exercising their right to vote. Voter suppression attempts to reduce the number of voters who might vote against the candidate or proposition advocated by the suppressors.

Local chapters of Alpha joined forces to cast votes at the Bordeaux Library on Saturday, October 20, 2012. Some of the members brought their families to be a part of the activity.

In September, Alpha hosted a National Voter Registration Day to urge everyone to register to vote in the upcoming election. The General President, Aaron Crutison, Sr., states, “Alpha is ready to STAND UP, STAY UP and ensure EVERYONE IS COUNTED!”


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