Politics — 13 June 2012
Gen. Colin Powell Shares Anecdotes And Discusses New Book At Belmont University

By Jason Luntz

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- Four-Star General and former Secretary of State Colin Powell spoke May 30th to discuss his new book, ‘It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership’ in front of a jam-packed house at Belmont University’s Massey Concert Hall.

The dialogue focused on the many experiences his new book centers around and how those lessons shaped his career. Powell spoke truthfully with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author John Meachum about his interactions with staff members, soldiers, and even Presidents.

Gen. Colin Powell and John Meacham discussed Gen. Powell’s new book at Belmont University

The crowd remained responsive throughout the evening, laughing and applauding at various times.

Powell received one of his largest applauses when he mentioned his time as commander of the 2nd Brigade at nearby Fort Campbell. Many of the stories in his book are about the experiences he had there.

Before his visit to Nashville he stopped at the Army Base, “I was anxious to go back and see how things have changed. We should be so proud of these kids. They do anything we ask of them,” Powell said.

The main topic for the night was the large part building a bond between leaders and followers plays in leadership. Powell stressed the important of trust being the basis of all human relations.

Powell was not afraid to face controversy; for example when discussing Islamophobia in America he stated, “When they call the President Muslim, what they are really saying is that he is black.”

He was also clear to remind the audience on how important it is for both major political parties to work together. “Our founding fathers had to compromise in Philadelphia and they had to have a consensus to move us forward,” said Powell, “That is what we have to get back to.”

After the program there was a short Q&A by audience members and a book signing.

A graduate of City College of New York with an MBA from George Washington University, Powell served two tours of duty in Vietnam. During his career the general received 11 military decorations, including the Legion of Merit, the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star and the Soldier’s Medal. Powell was appointed the National Security Advisory under President Ronald Reagan and also served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President George H.W. Bush. In 2001, newly elected President George W. Bush appointed Colin Powell to be Secretary of State, an office he held until 2004.

Featured Photo By: Belmont University

Article Photo By: Jason Luntz



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