Politics — 21 June 2013
Poll: Americans Dislike Congress More Than Ever

According to a new Gallup poll released last Thursday, American’s confidence in the Senate and the House has dropped to an all time low.   The report states that only 10 percent of the American population has confidence in Congress to make the right decisions, and 52 percent have very little or no confidence in lawmakers in general.

The report shows that even newspapers with a vote of confidence of 23 percent rank higher than Congress does with the general public and so do HMOs, with 19 percent approval, organized labor with 20 percent and banks with 26 percent of Americans having confidence in them.

However, these figures don’t come as much of a shock, because the way American politics has been going for the last few years, with Democrats and Republicans arguing about just about anything and everything, the general public have no confidence in them to get anything right.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll completed last March seems to agree with these figures, and shows that only 16 percent of American adults approve of Congress, which is about the same as the results from previous year’s polls.

Another example of this lack of faith in lawmakers is shown in a CBS News/New York Times poll done in 2011, where Congress gained the approval of just 9 percent of the American public.

Gallup says that rarely do the major political parties find a common ground through compromise because each party only shows confidence in the governing body when their party is in control of both chambers.  This division in leadership is, according to experts, sending the nation down the wrong path and allowing the United States to head toward financial calamity.

During the early 2000s, according to Gallup, the governing body was favored more by Republicans when the GOP controlled the House and Senate. On the other hand when the Democrats regained control in 2007, the Republicans showed less favor in lawmakers than the Democrats did.

However, now with the governing body equally split, confidence in Congress has flown out the window. Only 12 percent of Democrats, 11 percent of Republicans and 10 percent of political independents say that they have confidence in Congress.

Will the confidence of the American people ever be regained? Well, if Congress can sort out their differences, pass an immigration bill and work out a budget deal with the White House, then maybe things can get better.  But don’t hold your breath.


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