Riley Walker, Jr. and Dr. Ayrika Bell’s Co-Ed Bride and Groom Shower

  • l-r, Riley Walker, Jr. and Dr. Ayrica Bell during toast
  • l-r, Eunice and Woody Bell, parents of Ayrica
  • l-r, Mr. and Mrs. Riley Walker, Sr., parents of Riley
  • Shawn Bell (brother), Ayrica Bell and Riley Walker, Jr.
  • Ayrica and Riley reading best wishes cards
  • Helen Smith leading fun couple games
  • Hostess Rosetta Miller Perry welcoming guest
  • Diane Eaton (left) observes Ayrica reaching for her man while blind folded
  • seated l-r, Anthony Brown, C.J Johnson and Gary Kelly standing l-r, Riley Walker and Michael Corn
  • l-r, Dr. LaKiesha Crawford, Dr. Ayrika Bell, Michael Corn and Dr. Tanika Pinn
  • Eunice Bell (standing), mother of the Bride to be welcomes guest
  • The families
  • Feasting l-r, Homer Wheaton, James Bass, Dr. Jacquelin Mitchell, Grant Winrow and Adreanna Hibbler
  • l-r, Grant Winrow, Diane Eaton, Mr. and Mrs. Riley Walker, Sr., Undrea Walker Jenkin, Dr. Ayrika Bell and Riley Walker, Jr., Helen Smith, Rose Busby, Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Bell, Homer Wheaton, Eunice Bell, Anthony Brown, C.J Johnson, Dr. LaKiesha Crawford, Dr. Courtney Crawford, Vesta Wheaton, James and Beverly Bass and Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Davis
  • l-r, Eunice Bell, DeWana Walker Swassord, Paulette Walker and Dr. Ayrica Bell
  • Back to front, Grant Winrow, Adreanna Hibbler, Homer Wheaton and James Bass
  • l-r, Riley Walker, Jr. and Dr. Ayrica Bell cutting their cake, practicing for the big day
  • Robin Raynelle Band, Brandon Newsone, Giovanni Rodriguez, Robin Raynelle.


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