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First African American graduate of Texas Women’s University drops anchor in Nashville.   By Ronald W. Weathersby


 Liz Johnson stays busy traveling the country advising health care related businesses and in some cases taking on interim executive positions in some of America’s largest hospitals. Since she moved to Nashville seven-years ago, she says she has probably spent one-year in her adopted hometown.

She says that she made a career decision early in her life.

“I took care of an elderly couple during high school” Johnson who holds an MBA and Ph.D. from the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. “I felt I could make healthcare the most natural and compassionate system I could that I could make it better. My first degree was in nursing. I always wanted to go into nursing.”

After completing school she became a Staff Nurse and assistant Head Nurse at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital.  Later while pursuing first master’s degree at Texas Woman’s University she served as a School Nurse and Public Health Nurse in Dallas.

The Dallas Texas native did not stop there however. Her interest in leadership continues to lead her and she eventually entered and completed degree and certificate programs from some of America’s most prominent educational institutions including The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, New York City and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

She currently holds Master’s, MBA and Doctoral degrees.

Jackson describes her business as an, “Executive Health Care Administration and Consulting” company.

“I had the privilege to observe how to critically look at and work systems better,” Johnson says of her time as Senior Health Care Consultant “with the healthcare consulting unit of one of the nation-wide Big-Eight Accounting and Consulting Firms.” Johnson says she learned to “consult and package knowledge” while working for Ernst and Young.

In 1990 she opened her own business, Link Management Consulting Firm and developed relationships with “multiple clients, including major university hospitals, national health systems and community hospitals.” For the past 21-years she has offered services that include: strategic planning; operational effectiveness; executive interim management, redesigning care delivery systems, and healthcare information services.

Most of her clients are located outside of Nashville and Johnson says the client base of Link Management includes, “Major university hospitals such as Emory, University of Alabama, Medical College of Georgia Hospital, Major national health systems such as Clarion of Indiana, and community hospitals in states such as Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Virginia; Texas.”

“Through my preferred style of directive leadership and development of people, I have been gratified to be able to inspire organizational members to participate in creating high-performing systems that work,” Johnson writes in her biography.  “My background includes extensive progressive responsibility in healthcare organizations and a proven track record of success as a strong leader.”

Johnson says that through her training and experience she has successfully assisted companies “create effective organization-wide and department-level transformation, through redesign of strategic goals, day-to-day operations and organizational structures/roles/processes/systems; build strong, integrated departments and operating systems; institute simplified productivity management programs; develop sound infrastructures that support focus strategy, systemize work flow processes and strengthen the culture of safety and clinical care delivery”

Link Management also, “Aligns and integrates day-to-day operations with organizational strategy and institutes efficient care delivery processes that improves the competitive advantage of the organization in the marketplace.”

Johnson assist organization’s improve their performance by develop strong leadership and teamwork among all departments that increases productivity which reduce costs which improves bottom lines.

Johnson has written articles on “Interactive Planning”, “Decision Making” And “Quality Management” and a chapter in a textbook on Healthcare Administration on the subject of Quality Healthcare Management. Her company has self-published workbooks, diagnostic tools and templates on topics including Strategic Planning, Organizational Assessment, Competency Management, Quality Management, Planning, Positive Corrective Action, Development of Standards of Care and Practice, Writing Policies, Procedures and Job Descriptions.

When asked what advice she would give to young people the self-described devout Christian had a simple and direct message.

“Have a mission. Identify something deep within you that drives you from your core that will keep you going. Your mission is your North Star it will guide you.”


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