Trump Immigration Comments Are a New Low

President Donald Trump

By Rosetta Miller Perry

This week as we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King and the incredible sacrifices he made in the fight for justice and equality, our society also must take another look at the disgrace that is in the White House. Last week President Donald Trump brought public and political discourse to a new low with his comments regarding Haiti, Latin American and African nations.

Trump was being briefed by Democratic Senator Dick Durban and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham on the specifics of a bipartisan bill on immigration. It is one of the few decent things done in recent months by this Republican dominated legislative body. It was designed to update and strengthen safeguards for immigrants coming from nations where they face economic or political hardships.

But rather than even attempt to understand the implications or purpose of the bill, Trump launched into a disgusting diatribe that included this comment: “Why do we want all these people from s—hole countries? We should have more people from Norway.”

These comments are so reprehensible even Trump himself has now denied making them. But Senator Durbin has repeatedly insisted publicly Trump did say them, and used that vulgar obscenity repeatedly to describe Haiti, and various Latin American and African nations.

The fallout has been severe. Republican representatives Mia Love and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, from Haiti and Cuba have demanded apologies. “Language like that shouldn’t be heard in locker rooms and shouldn’t be heard in the White House,” Ros-Lehtinen added.

Democratic Legislator Richard Blumenthal put it best, saying that the Trump statement “smacks of blatant racism. The most odious and insidious racism masquerading as immigration policy.”

The African Union has demanded an policy, and even Norway offered its own denunciation of Trump’s comments. The only people endorsing them are his usual supporters. The sycophants at Fox News and the array of racists and bigots who call themselves the “alt. right.” Even some of the most right wing members of Congress have tried to distance themselves from these comments because they are as vile as it gets, especially from any political leader, let alone the President.

Dr. King didn’t live to see the disgraceful day Donald Trump took office, but we are certain if he were alive he would be denouncing them from every platform and pulpit he could find. He would be asking why Congress continues to let him stay in power while he violates Constitutional provisions requiring Presidents to divest themselves of businesses while in office.

Here is a man who has Neo Nazi types in his inner circle. His agenda is simple. Dismantle any and everything done by the Obama administration. Doesn’t matter how much good it may have done. His targets are the poor and working class, including some who voted for him. Ask those union workers at the Carrier plant in Indiana who just got laid off what they think of Trump now.

We have an overt racist in the White House, even if people like Dr. King’s own nephew can’t recognize it. The fact that he pretended to honor Dr, King with a hastily prepared statement and photo opp over the weekend doesn’t take away from the fact he courted the support of this country’s worse elements during the campaign, and continues to curry favor with them while doing numerous things to show his contempt for Black people, Civil Rights, equal justice and economic empowerment.

Donald Trump is the biggest disaster ever put in the White House. MLK Day gives us ample reason to say it again, and urge any and all those in power to begin moving to legally supplant him as quickly as possible.

If you are too lazy to register and vote – don’t complain about Trump.

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