Commemoration Ceremonies of the 50th Anniversary of MLK’s Death Attracts Thousands

Tourists from Germany, journalists from Japan and a reporter from Spain are here to witness and be counted. Children on field trips are being taught about the importance and influence of Dr. King’s philosophy of peace and racial reconciliation. Photo by Clint Confehr

By Clint Confehr

MEMPHIS, TN — By the end of Wednesday, MLK50 officials anticipate 10s of thousands of people in Memphis for the commemoration of Martin Luther King’s assassination.

    • Carrying that message daily is the National Civil Rights Museum in the Lorraine Motel where King was slain by James Earl Ray, a sniper who shot ftom a bathroom across Mulberry Street.

Federal laws including the voting rights acts of 1963-65 — gutted the Supreme Court a few years ago — led to the election of black mayors and lawmakers. It’s a legacy of Dr. King that’s threatened today as speakers here chant “Up the Vote.”


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