Dr. Phelps Statement on Claims President Trump and Rep. Blackburn Protect Tennesseans with Pre-Existing Conditions

Rep. Marsha Blackburn
TULLAHOMA, TN — During President Trump’s rally in Chattanooga tonight, he falsely claimed that his administration and allies protect Americans with pre-existing conditions. In response, Dr. Thomas Phelps, a family medicine doctor in Tullahoma, released the following statement:
“Rep. Blackburn and President Trump pretending to care about Tennesseans with pre-existing conditions would be laughable if so much weren’t at stake. The Affordable Care Act is a success. Saving lives by stopping insurance companies from dropping your coverage or charging you more when you get sick is a good thing. Not allowing insurance companies to discriminate against my patients with pre-existing conditions is a good thing. So is getting rid of the lifetime spending limits insurance companies used to put on my patients. It is remarkable the length Rep. Blackburn will go to play politics with people’s lives.
“Let’s be clear about what’s going on: Rep. Blackburn is on the wrong side of health care and she’s trying to lie her way out of it. You can’t vote repeatedly to repeal the Affordable Care Act and then say you support protections for people with pre-existing conditions. You can’t side with big insurance and drug companies over Tennesseans for years and say you have a record of putting patients first. I don’t buy it — neither should you.”
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