Eric L. Cox Courtesy photo

By V.S. Santoni

NASHVILLE, TN — Growing up the youngest of five boys, Eric Cox knows a thing or two about being the small one in the bunch, the one who goes unseen. Eric, however, won’t settle for invisibility. He took his life experiences and molded a vision for his future, and he wants to teach other people how to do the same thing.

Under the supervision of Dwayne Jenkins, he worked for 10-11 years with Nashville Black Pride, where he facilitated spaces for Black LGBT+ people. He also worked 10-plus years on the board at The Little Pantry That Could 501c3, where he dedicated time to helping the working poor and homeless. Later in MashUp!, a non-profit organization, Cox worked to meet the healthcare needs of the LGBT+ community, especially underrepresented groups under that umbrella such as people of color (POC). When asked why he has tailored his skill set to help others, Cox said that it’s innate. He desires to lift people up, and he maintains that mission as a health and wellness entrepreneur, offering his services to assist people achieve their dreams. As someone who identifies as Black, LGBT+, and coming from a background he describes as working poor, Cox is well-suited to address the myriad social, political, and class barriers entrepreneurs in underserved communities experience that often go ignored.  

Cox, not one to idle too long, has ventured into other fields, developing 11 meditations that can be found across all major music platforms; building his own app; establishing E & J’s photobooth company with his partner of six years. To bring his guaranteed methods for life success to the masses, he published a book called SIGN UP! In his book, he gives a seven-step-framework that holistically approaches success, be it in social and familial relations or career. This month Cox plans to release a course which he said will be much like having him as a personal life coach. The course will contain wisdom Cox has amassed both in his personal life and in the business world. 

When asked for any parting bits of advice, Cox said resolutely, and humbly, “You are enough . . . just as you, just who you are, you are worthy of success.” 

You can buy Cox book, SIGN UP! or contact him at, and you can connect with him on social media:

Facebook: EricLCoxSignUp

Instagram: @eric_l_cox

Twitter: @EricLCoxSignUp

Linkedin: ericlcoxsignup