2018 Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL 4

The Mini Cooper is back with a vengeance with its good looks, loaded with ‘standard features; and smooth driving THE 2018 2018 Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL 4 is the most spacious Mini ever. It’s the largest and roomiest model yet.  The Countryman comfortably seats five, in a richly tailored interior with generous cargo space.

Unprecedented spaciousness and versatility come together in an interior full of thoughtfully designed packing solutions and refined passenger comforts—like 40/20/40 split rear seats that fold down individually, an optional foldable cargo floor, and even a foldable Picnic Cushion option that transforms the rear bumper into a cushioned seat.

While other competitors consider these features as ‘extras’ they’re standard with Countryman. Features such as the PANORAMIC SUNROOF. This expansive dual-pane sunroof extends to the back seat, so everyone can let in the great outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. The REAR-VIEW CAMERA, is also standard. Drivers can safely maneuver tight spots with ease, thanks to a crisp, clear picture of what’s behind you, and illuminated guidelines to help gauge your distance from other vehicles or objects. And the standard features continue with the amenities such as getting key motoring data, entertainment, hands-free communication with Bluetooth, and more through this 6.5” high-resolution display. Let’s not forget the all-important 3 DRIVING MODES, also a standard feature.  The Green Mode optimizes fuel delivery for a more efficient drive. Sport Mode tightens the steering for a more responsive, exhilarating ride. Mid Mode provides a perfect balance. And you can transition seamlessly between modes with the flick of a switch. For the first time, every Mini Countryman, including Cooper models, features the world-class reengineering of precision TwinPower Turbo engines.

THE NUMBERS:  MSRP: about $40,000 – MPG:  25 City / 32 Highway

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