A Loss of Words

Many major things happened last week that put me at a loss of words.  First, Roy Moore was defeated by Doug Jones to be the first Democrat elected to the US Senate in 25 years in the state of Alabama.  Second, the FCC reversed the net neutrality or as some may say internet equality.  Then, the CDC, the Center for Disease Control received a list of words they are no longer able to use in budget documents.  The list of forbidden words includes:  vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence based and science-based.  Finally, it looks like there is a deal on the final GOP tax plan.  The GOP is anxious to pass something, anything before the end of the year despite major issues.  To top it all off, Omarosa got fired….  I am at a loss of words, but I will try to address these issues the best way I can.

There was a hearing on “Restoring Internet Freedom” initiative.  The name is quite deceiving.  There was a 3-2 vote along party lines to eliminate the current net neutrality rules and allow ISPs the ability to block online content, slowing a competitor’s website or charging you to access this newspaper’s content. The vote was done even though business leaders and citizens voiced their opinion to keep things the way they were.  Over 20 million calls and letters were sent to the FCC to keep this from happening.  The telecom executives have huge plans in mind to add to their share price.

The CDC, the nation’s top public health agency, was given a list of words and phrases not to use in next years budget.  Since President Trump took office, several key departments have changed policies and how they address issues pertaining to science.  Earlier this year, the EPA was told it could no longer use the words climate change.  They also removed dozens of online resources that were to help local governments address climate change.

The GOP looks to pass a tax plan that gives the biggest break to the top 1 percent despite the presidents promises it will help the middle class.  The bill will cut the corporate tax rate to 21 percent, limits taxpayers deducting the interest on new mortgages up to $750 thousand and also changes the tax brackets.  These are some of the highlights of the tax plan and despite it being unpopular, Congress looks to send the bill to the president’s desk for him to sign.

These changes will have a huge effect on people of color, the poor and the elderly.  Instead of tackling issues such as raising the minimum wage, investing in infrastructure, modifying the Affordable Care Act, addressing issues like diversity, and dealing with the evidence based science, we are fighting to be heard by the people that are supposed to represent us.  It is very discouraging, but I am here to tell you, we must not be silent and demand our voices be heard at every level of government.

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