Do Your Job

What was your first job?  Think back about it to when you were a teenager.  Did you work at a grocery store, at a mall, for a relative in a small local business?  What was it like to get your first pay check and what did you do with it?  When I started working, I had no idea what to do with my check.  I did not have a checking or savings account.  I did not have any bills or purchases I wanted so the check just sat in my top drawer.  A couple of weeks later, I asked my mom what to do with these checks?  I had 3 weeks’ worth of checks and I was not sure what to do with them.  My mom was surprised and proud that I had not wasted them.  My uncle took me to the local bank and I opened a free savings account.  I would go to the bank and deposit these checks throughout the summer until it was time for me to buy my school clothes.  I did take 10 percent and gave it to church.  I now know, this was not my first job.

God has given us all a job long before our entry into the job market.  We have all been groomed for this job and it is a sacred job God has given to every member of humanity regardless of age, race, class or creed.  This job was given to the first man and the responsibility has been passed down to us for thousands of years.  The job is to be a good steward of the Earth!!!

When we don’t do our job, we are forsaking our God given responsibility.  Feeling helpless, lost and depressed can be a result of us not doing our job.  When we don’t do our job, things like climate change happen and it can have an impact on people’s mental well-being.  Think about the direct impacts of climate change.  Higher sea levels, longer and more intense heat waves, stronger storms, food shortages, higher prices and the destruction of property, lives and livelihood.  The poor, the people of color, the marginalized, and disenfranchised are affected more by climate change than any other group.  Dr. Renee Lertzman calls the psychological response to environmental crisis environmental melancholia.

What can be done to combat climate change and environmental melancholia?  I suggest we Do Our Job!!!  Do your job by recycling and do what you can to reduce what you and your family contribute to our landfills.  Do your job by registering to vote and voting for leaders that care about environmental stewardship.  Do your job by supporting businesses that practice good environmental stewardship.  Do your job by teaching your kids how to practice environmental stewardship.  All these things are effective ways to do your job and to protect the environment for future generations.

If you have ideas on how to do better and capitalize on your opportunities, please feel free to contact me thomsustainableconsulting@gmail.comOr you can follow me on Twitter @tcsheff.  #Resist #Wordsactionchange

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