Quicker Than a Hiccup

You have the power to make changes.  Change requires action.  Fannie Lou Hamer, whose 100th birthday was last week, said: “You can pray until you faint.  But if you don’t get up and try to do something, God is not going to put it in your lap”.  A change needs to happen when it comes to the gun laws and gun violence in our society.  I am calling out our representatives and their need to make drastic changes in gun laws.  Our President is so consumed with Russia, North Korea and the repeal of everything Obama.   The number of deaths from firearms domestically, according to the Financial Times, is projected to be 170 times greater than deaths from the war on terror.  Our government is consumed with “Radical Islamic Terrorism” we have ignored the “Radical White Christian” terror at home.  The way of thinking is not sustainable.

For far too long, Congress has been the prostitute and the gun lobby has been the pimp.    Members of Congress in both parties have been afraid of a back slap from the gun lobby if they pass meaningful legislation.  Therefore, it is time for us to act on our own.  If we want to see commons sense gun legislation, there are some good ways to make it happen.  First, we should see the pictures of the carnage caused by these firearms.  Let the public see the pictures of the children that were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary and the people killed in Orlando and Las Vegas.   The pictures of Emmett Till’s body after his murder alarmed the nation.  Those pictures forced America to look at itself through the eyes of his grieving mother.  If pictures don’t open people’s eyes, then every eligible person of color should go out and purchase an assault rifle.  Legislation would then pass quicker than a hiccup. The majority would be scared the people of color would retaliate for the wrongs they have done throughout our history.

The second amendment was established so we could protect ourselves and to form a militia. This was made during a time in which the British Army occupied lands in the 13 colonies.  Is this the only amendment in the bill of rights that matters?  What about the 5th Amendment which gives us the right to life, liberty and property?  We must not forget the first amendment which also says we have the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.  Do these rights not apply to all citizens or to just white, male gun owners? Congress should make this change NOW and not wait for massacres like in Las Vegas, Orlando or Sandy Hook Elementary to happen again.  Our grievance is the gun violence in our society and the mistreatment with guns to the minorities in our country.  We must have a Congress that represents the needs and wants of the people and not just a powerful gun lobby.

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