5 Questions With Seth Carr

Seth Carr

By Janice Malone
Tribune Entertainment Editor

From Marvel’s juggernaut hit, BLACK PANTHER to Nickelodeon’s brand-new series, “Knight Squad,” at only 10-years-old, American actor Seth Carr is already landing various diverse challenging roles with the acting world at his feet. With BLACK PANTHER just surpassing over 1 billion in the global box office, Seth’s year is already off to an incredible start, playing Young Killmonger (Killmonger played by Michael B. Jordan) in the blockbuster smash hit film.

Within the last two months alone Seth is now starring on Nickelodeon’s new hit “Knight Squad” Amazon’s “Bosch” and starring in the highly-anticipated heart-stopping thriller BREAKING IN (Theaters Nationally on Mother’s Day), opposite Gabrielle Union & Ajiona Alexus (“13 Reasons Why”).

From portraying a young super villain in BLACK PANTHER to a knight in training as ‘Fizzwick’ on Nick’s “Knight Squad” and Jerry Edgar’s (Jamie Hector) know-it-all all son, Joe Edgar, on “Bosch,” Seth has sunk his teeth into becoming the best young actor he can be, challenging himself with each new role. BREAKING IN will be seen as one of his biggest yet, a family trapped during a home invasion where Seth’s character has to step up in an attempt to try and save his family.

Born and raised in Southern California, Seth began his life in front of the camera at only 3 months old as a baby model, before transitioning to follow in his mother’s steps into acting. His mother, a theater-trained actress with a theater degree opened her own acting studio to help Seth achieve his big dreams with her studio, CCC (Create Confident Characters) where she works as Seth’s personal coach teaching him and other students the Meisner method. Like many young actors, his first acting job was in soaps on “Days of Our Lives” at only the age of 5. With only five years of acting under his belt, there’s been no lapse in work for this rising star, already appearing in over 30 commercials including those for Bank of America, Walmart, NyQuil, Subway, Tide, BMW, and Visit California, just to name a few. Audiences may also recognize Seth from his long list of television roles including appearances on “Code Black,” “Brooklyn 99,” and “Hot in Cleveland,” just to name a few.

Between TV, film sets, commercials and video games, Seth took the time to answer 5 Questions for the Tribune.

TRIBUNE: What was it like when you first saw the Black Panther movie totally finished and being in the movie theater with regular people watching it? SETH: It felt really cool! Like, people were getting to see me on the big screen and me getting to watch myself too. It had a kinda weird effect whenever I see myself on the big screen or TV. But it was a good and exciting feeling when you get to see that you’re part of something as big as Black Panther. 

TRIBUNE:  Were you nervous when auditioning for the role of Young Killmonger or was it just another day at the office for you? SETH: It was fun but I was also kind of nervous too.  I already knew what I was there to do, and that’s audition as an actor. But I was little nervous because I knew it was going to be a big movie.  But after a little time, I was not nervous because I have done stuff like this before, so I had experience with it.

TRIBUNE: Are you home-schooled or do you go to regular school? And do your classmates treat you any differently now? SETH: I go to regular school. And most of my classmates treat me the same as they used to but there are more and more of them that treat me differently than they used to. They knew that I was an actor, but now that they’ve seen me on the screen and stuff, I’m starting to get treated way differently.

TRIBUNE: We know you’re a very established actor but what is a typical day like for you as a 10-year-old when you’re not on a TV or movie set? SETH: My typical day is sleeping, playing video games, eating pizza, playing basketball and I love playing video games. My favorite one is NBA LIVE 18. 

TRIBUNE: What’s your favorite NBA team? SETH:  I like the Cleveland Cavaliers but I really like the Golden State Warriors a lot! They’re my favorite. 

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