B2 Municipal Auditorium1

Nashville Municipal Auditorium GM, Bob Skoney was recently joined by the Office of Mayor Megan Barry, Metro Council members, representatives of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation, and the members of the Metro Auditorium Commission and the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the venue and to unveil the new dressing rooms. Pictured l-r; Justine Avila, Music City Music Council; Joe Chambers, Musicians Hall of Fame; Brian Traeger, Live Nation; Aleah Armstrong Commission Member; John Landers, Commission Vice-Chair; Bob Skoney, Municipal Auditorium; Blake
McDaniel, Commission Chair; Christy Walker-Watkins, Commission Member; Robert Oermann, Alice
Chapman (Commission Member), Perri duGardOwens, Commission Member and Randy Kidwell,
Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation Photo by Jason Davis

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