Stayce Robinson poses for a portrait in Decatur, Ga., with her AR-15. Robinson, 49, from Douglasville, Ga., is an entrepreneur and tax analyst for a software company. She also is among the ranks of the nation’s black women who own a firearm. Robinson grew up around firearms because her grandparents were business owners and had them for protection. She got her first firearm at 18. “I’ve never been scared of guns. I respect their power,” she said. “It actually got me dates.” Her first gun was a .380 caliber pistol. She’s also owned a revolver, a .38 caliber and a 9mm. Her gun collection kept getting bigger, she said. This past Christmas, her husband bought her an AR-15. “It’s the best gift ever,” she said. She worries about the violence in the world _ from home invasions to politically-inspired violence. “If I’m placed in the position to have to use a gun, I won’t hesitate.” All photos by Lisa Marie Pane/AP

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