Hillary Speaks Boldly at AMEC Conference

Hillary Clinton speaks at AMEC General Conference.

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Hillary Clinton arrived on stage to an enthusiastic crowd, waiting to hear her speak at the African Methodist Episcopal Church

50th Quadrennial Session, in Philadelphia.

Early in her speech, she spoke about the senseless murders that took place during the last 48 hours, from Wednesday through Friday July 6-8.

“There is something wrong in our country. Too many people died that shouldn’t have. There is too little trust in too many places with police where they are charged to serve.” Further more she added, “We must acknowledge explicit bias still exists in our society.”

Rev. Harold Love, state representative District 58 in Tennessee and a member of the 13th District Delegation of the AME Church and a delegate to the National Democratic Convention said Mrs. Clinton’s remarks were direct and to the point about the recent rash of shootings in this country. “We all agree, this must stop.”

On the dias was Tanya Tate Brown, mother of Brandon Tate Brown, who was killed at the age of 26 on December 15, 2014 by Philadelphia police. No charges were made. Brown has been very vocal about justice for her son’s murder

Former 13th Episcopal District Bishop, Vashti McKenzie ( The district covers Tennessee & Kentucky.) said, “We can not condone the violent ambush of the Police Officers in Dallas, nor can we condone the violent killings of Black men throughout this country.” According to reports 123 Black men have been killed by police this year. “These killings are all too real and repeated too many times,” said McKenzie.

Clinton, the Democratic presumptive nominee, and the first woman to reach this level in the party, offered these solutions:

1. Listening…We must all listen to one another.

2. Acknowledge explicit bias still exists in our society. African Americans must talk about seen and unseen barriers they encounter everyday.

3. Bring organizations together

4. Gun control laws must be changed

5. Reform our sentences laws Clinton spoke for approximately 30 minutes and said “We must do better together.”

The General Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church takes place every four years. It was held in Nashville in 2012. This year is the Bicentennial Anniversary of the AME Church, which was established in Philadelphia in 1816. The AME Church has a presence in 39 countries throughout the world and each General Conference has approximately 30,000 individuals in attendance.

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