Former New Mexico Governor and Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson

The 2016 Presidential Election has left Americans wondering who they will vote for in November. Americans, however, seem unhappy with the Republican and Democratic nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In fact, both candidates tote record breaking disapproval numbers. Both Trump and Clinton are more strongly disliked than any presidential candidate in the past 10 election cycles. According to the Huffington Post, Clinton’s disapproval rating is currently trending at 55.4% and Trump’s is trending at 56.9%. The strong disapproval numbers for both candidates may actually make a huge difference come November because they leave room for the third party candidate.

Former two-term Governor of New Mexico and Libertarian Party Nominee Gary Johnson, and his running mate former Governor Bill Weld, are starting to see unprecedented numbers for a third party option. He currently sits in the polls at as high as 13% and only needs 15% to be included in this fall’s presidential debates. In Utah, he sits at 26%, which is just 3 points from overtaking Trump’s 29%. Johnson believes that the White House race is anybody’s race this election cycle, and he could be right. Even if Johnson doesn’t win the general election, he has the potential to wreak havoc on the race by taking away electoral votes from both major party candidates, preventing them from reaching the 270 electoral votes required to reach the White House and throw the election to the House of Representatives. A win in Utah could do just that for the Libertarian candidates.

With Sen. Mark Madsen switching parties from Republican to Libertarian and endorsing Johnson and Weld, a spike in polling numbers for Johnson is expected in the state. With Johnson taking equally from Trump and Clinton, one thing is for certain, Johnson is in this election to win it

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