Poverty Is The Cause

Reverend Enoch Fuzz

“Poverty is the enemy of the law,” the Rev. Enoch Fuzz of the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church said last weekend when asked why about America’s latest series of racial tension; those that erupted in a few days.

“We, the entire nation, failed since Trayvon Martin,” Fuzz continued. “Since then we’ve been walking in our sleep. We woke up, but we’ve been sleep walking.

“It’s pretty bad this week. I expected it earlier.”

Rev. Fuzz recalls that the Black Panthers group was organized as a neighborhood watch to protect neighborhoods, “and the FBI got involved to prosecute them.”

“I have distain for people who go to vigils and don’t register to vote and then vote, or those who are not concerned about cancer or sickle cell until it comes to your house or not worrying about violations of civil rights unless it affects them.

“And it’s not all about our children. It’s about our entire society. Our nation should have been marching about this since Trayvon Martin.”

He sees “a lot of good in the Nashville Police Department, but it’s not perfect. On diversity in Nashville, (metro police) look like the Baton Rouge police department, majority of whites in the departments.

“The violent crime is coming from poor communities, not because they are black. It’s the same all over the world. It’s not the race, it’s the poverty.

“Nashville needs to get more African American men and Hispanics into our police department. They say they try, but they’ve got to try harder. We’ve got PhDs running our department, but in the North Precinct there’s only one on the staff …

“Brian Miller is the only north precinct officer who lives there” in that precinct, Fuzz said. “I’ve only had two police officers to visit long enough to get to know them… If you don’t know me, you don’t know the precinct.”

Fuzz “suspects” the Metro Police Department is the best in the nation, the best trained … but the rank and file, 98 percent are great folk, but 2 percent are not and they represent 30 policemen and that makes our entire city look bad.”

“The Fergusons are caused by the 2 percent and the chief needs the public to help identify those unprofessional behaviors to make sure we have the best public safety officials.”

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