12A southCollege

The inaugural class of physician assistants at South College Nashville smile for a photo after a ceremony on Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021. Shown front row l-r; John Duteau, Natalie Reinhold, and Jocelyn Mederios; middle row l-r; Hillary Simeone, Rose-Elyse Snelson, Emily Socha, Samantha Huntsman, Whitney Sutton, Paige Dudley, Meghan Iman, Kayela Norris, Margaret Connelly,
Kara Powers, and Kristin Anders; top row l-r; Kathlyn Penick, Elizabeth Haggerty, Raquel Bellmer, Madison Neiderahuser, Kaitlyn Beckham, Rachel Oseas, Natalia Vestal, Diana Wargel, Matthew Cyphers, Quang Huy Tran, Jacob Alhashimi, Kiet Nguyen, Forrest Dixon, Kaitlyn Rabulinski