Complacency Dissed, Long View Taken

By Clint Confehr Long term plans are being laid by civil rights leaders as they’re dismayed by complacency and mistakes. “The Democratic Party is probably going to lose the next national election if they continue […]

Health & Wellness

Is it Safe to Drive With Narcolepsy?

Being narcoleptic can certainly take a toll on one’s life. From cooking and operating heavy machinery to going for long walks and working long shifts, having narcolepsy can drastically interfere with a person’s day-to-day activities. […]


Predators Face Tough Jets in Next Round

By Ron Wynn The Predators finally flashed the consistent 60-minute form that made them the NHL’s dominant regular season team in Game 6 Sunday night against the Colorado Avalanche. By eliminating them 5-0 the Predators […]

Sports Commentary

Tanking Becoming Pro Sports Problem

By Ron Wynn, Sports View For decades the strategy in professional team sports has been for clubs to build championships through savvy drafting, coupled with either trades or free agency. In baseball and hockey, it […]