250,000 Open Jobs? Gov. Bill Lee Continues To Mislead Public On Job Availability To Justify Federal Unemployment Cuts

By Brandon Puttbrese Press Secretary Tennessee Senate Democratic Caucus NASHVILLE,TN (TN Tribune) — Gov. Bill Lee continues to mislead Tennesseans on the number of current job openings and the quality of those positions — peddling […]


Is the Sky Falling on Metro?

NASHVILLE, TN –A special election on July 27 will decide the 2021 Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act. To hear detractors talk about it, you’d think the property tax referendum was worse than COVID-19. City Hall is […]


Zappala Under Fire…Da Orders No Plea Deals To Black Attorney Or His Clients — Community In An Uproar

by Rob Taylor Jr. A verbal battle between local Black attorney Milton Raiford and Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr. has turned into a firestorm for Zappala that’s hotter than Pittsburgh’s recent heat wave. […]