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Letters to the Editor

A Reminder to the American People

by Herschel Dov Mosheson I am writing this on May 31st 2021, Memorial Day, the last day of both Asian-American Heritage Month and Jewish-American Heritage Month. I’ve spent much of the morning thinking back to […]

National/International News

Casino Giant Crown ‘Persuasive’ On Laundering Claims

PERTH, Australia — Western Australia’s gaming regulators opted not to investigate allegations of money laundering against Crown after the company’s “persuasive” former legal boss told them it was a media beat-up, a royal commission has been […]

National/International News

One Click To Offset Car Emissions In Australia

CANBERRA, Australia — Software engineer Casey Whitelaw would love to drive an electric car in Australia but doesn’t have anywhere to charge it. Like so many people, he can’t make cutting-edge technology work for him just […]