Dr. Joanne Frederick

By Mac Arthur Howard III

NASHVILLE, TN — It has been two years since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, but people all over the country are still healing from the new stress, struggles, and losses that the quarantines and shutdowns suddenly brought upon them.

The damage that was wrought during this time to the mental health of countles people has been immeasurable. 

Luckily, people like Doctor Joanne Frederick, a licensed mental health professional, offer their services to all in need of mental advice.

In her recent book, Copeology Dr. Frederick specifically shines a light on the various struggles that were faced during quarantine, directly tied to the virus or not.

“It has been up and down and it has been unpredictable,” Frederick said. “When the pandemic first hit everyone went into crisis mode, but when we realized we were going to be in it for a while we all began to try to deal with it in our own ways; not all of them being easy or healthy.”

Copeology is written as an anthology and is availableon Amazon. By collecting the testimony of multiple people in a varying amount of places in their lives, Frederick explores the coping mechanisms that are used to endure stressful situations of all kinds. Serving COVID-19, being a black man in modern America, and managing being a single parent during and after a pandemic are just some of the topics covered in the novel.

“The way we learn to cope with our insecurities and worries is an incredibly unique and important part of who we are as people,” Frederick says. “And sometimes you have to be creative when finding those coping mechanisms. My book is meant to show you that you are not as alone in your struggles as you think you might be. Others may have gone through what you are now and survived. And I believe Copeology can show you how.

Doctor Joanne Frederick is a licensed mental health counselor in Washington, D.C., holds a Doctorate Degree in counseling from the George Washington University in Rehabilitation Counseling, a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Baltimore, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Morgan State University.

To learn more about her visit www.jflcounseling.org and to order or learn more about Copeology, go to https://www.amazon.com/Copeology-Dr-Joanne-Frederick/dp/B09NS4SSBP