l-r; Michael Grant and Lois Johnson

By Ms. June

NASHVILLE, TN — Michael Grant, a native of Nashville, is ready to hit the ground running and get to the bottom of the affordable housing crisis that continues to plague the citizens.  Grant is no stranger to invoking change, handling business and making a difference in the community as he was the former head of the National Bankers Association for almost a decade.  He returns to the area with a solid plan, a mission and a team of professionals committed to helping make homeownership become a reality for anyone who has the desire to purchase a home. 

Grant is the Regional President of United Security Financial that was founded by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lois Johnson.  This is a nationwide mortgage lender with turn key solutions to move renters from building equity for someone else into a situation where they will eventually own the home they are paying for.  With over 30 years of award winning experience, Ms. Johnson’s goal to fulfill the homeowners needs with the best rates and lowest costs has continued to make United Security Financial a powerhouse in the real estate industry. With roughly $1 billion in assets and lending success in over 48 states, Grant and Ms. Johnson have now opened an office in Nashville.  He stated that, “We are ready to educate the community, help people with credit repair, help them obtain funding and start putting families in homes.”  

Not only does United Security Financial help families purchase homes, they also provide support to help them stay in them.  Timing is everything for Grant as he and his team are putting their infrastructure together and looking forward to having a loan processor and a loan officer in place and ready to serve. He firmly stated, “Gentrification has to stop, raising taxes and forcing people out of their homes has to stop, and the city leaders and local government need to do something about this.”

CEO Johnson is not interested in placing residents in low rated or low value communities to become homeowners in areas deemed affordable by the city.  Residents of Nashville can have the ability to forego these designated areas and enjoy living in mixed income neighborhoods and better communities.  They jointly want to remove misconceived notions such as credit scores and let residents know that the minimum credit score with the United Security Financial company is a 620 FICO. In addition, they want to share that they have attractive special programs for first time homeowners that only require 0 – 3.5% down and if needed, you can have several borrowers or signers on your loan.

Grant and Johnson are committed to promoting homeownership in the Metro area and they are bringing financial seminars, workshops and information sessions to communities and churches.  With specialization in government backed homeownership programs with industry leaders Fannie Mae and Ginne Mae; minorities, young families, Veterans and the entire community are welcome at United Security Financial as they work diligently to make real estate dreams come true.

Mr. Grant indicated that, “I look forward to collaborating with the Mayors office and the Council to begin seeking solutions to increase the pool of affordable housing.”  He is inviting the community and the public to their first of many information sessions scheduled on September 6, 2018.  

For more information, visit their website at www.USFWholesale.net or call (615) 961-7224.