NASHVILLE, TN — Football is a sport that is physical. For Middle Tennessee running back Kenneth Marlowe, the gridiron was a place for him to showcase his talents. The former Whites Creek star has played three professional seasons. At the same time, he has been enlisted in the Army. This past week, he was deployed to an undisclosed country overseas. His service according to his teammates is the ultimate sacrifice.

“Marlowe is one of the toughest players I have been around,” said Bulldawg linebacker Mychal Hendricks. “He plays with an edge and I am sure a lot of that goes to him being in the Army. He has made an unselfish move to go fight for our country. I am proud to say I know him.”

On March 18th, Marlowe contributed a touchdown to the Bulldawgs’ 12-6 victory against the Tennessee Lightening Bolts. In his final game, his controversial fumble was returned for a touchdown against the Lebanon Hitmen. The Bulldawgs ended up winning that game 14-8. Marlowe along with lineman Matt Breymeyer, linebacker Bobby McMillian and fellow running back Jarrett Snipe have spent extensive time serving our country. McMillian supplied American flag decals for every player before the first game.

“That would have been horrible to leave on that note but my teammates picked me up,” said Marlowe. “This was a tough decision. I am leaving behind my wife and daughter. The Bulldawgs have become brothers to me. To see them all wearing the flag is pretty cool. I will take that winning attitude with me.”