Rev. Dr. Herbert L. Lester, Jr.

NASHVILLE, TN — Members of Clark Memorial United Methodist Church, 1014 14th Ave. N., in Nashville are gearing up for a weekend of remembering their heritage.

In celebration of 152 years of ministry, Clark Memorial will begin its 2017 homecoming with Heritage Saturday on October 28th.  The weekend of celebration will culminate on Sunday with a Homecoming service at 10:00 a.m. and dinner on the grounds, immediately following.

The theme for 2017 Homecoming is “A New Thing, Everyday, Each Generation Blessed.” Clark members are intrigued each Sunday, with anticipation of what the Rev. Dr. Herbert L. Lester, Jr. will present as he stands boldly on God’s word.  Thus, it is befitting that Rev. Lester would give the message on “a new thing” following a thorough weekend of learning of Clark’s heritage as Clark moves into its future!  It is customary that a visiting preacher would give the word on a special Sunday, such as Homecoming.  However, it seems to be a great opportunity to share with those coming home and those visiting, the message of “doing a new thing” with the Senior Pastor, Rev. Lester.

Because Clark has such a rich heritage as a notable landmark for the Civil Rights, the entire community is invited to an OPEN HOUSE and TOUR!  On Heritage Saturday, October, 28th, from 10 am-2 pm the public is invited to come and share in the legacy of Clark Memorial.  This is a great opportunity for members of the community, friends, family, past and current members to come out and sit leisurely under the “big tent” that will be on the grounds of 1014 14th Ave. N.   Under this tent, guest will peruse through a plethora of pictures.  While finding some old family and friends, you may find pictures you would like to take with you.  “Join us under the tent to fellowship, relax commune, share, enjoy music and refreshments,” said Geraldine Heath, coordinator of 2017 Homecoming.  “We want this to be a great time of fellowship while celebrating the people from the past as we come into the present, going towards the future.”

As Clark is an historical edifice, noted in the public libraries and known to be a civil rights landmark, there will be a Walking Tour of the church and the grounds.  “It’s gonna be great to see Clark’s family tree, comprised of the family trees of the individuals,” said Clark’s secretary. While visiting, one can also visit our Heritage Cafe and Bookstore developed by the youth, young adults and mature adults.  There one can purchase books and other creative works from members of the church and community as well as snacks and CDs, DVDs and other paraphernalia surrounding the services and ministries of Clark, including some of the past sermons from Pastor Herbert Lester.  Some of the sermon topics have been, “Keeping the Main Thang the Main Thang,” “Keep the F,” “Whose Life Matters” (a series), and many others.

Of course there will be a prayer room open for prayer, with the assistance of the lay servants and a fascinating display of Meharry’s Black persons in Medicine. This massive display, created by Dr. Andre Lee, travels the country and it will be here in the Coach Ed Temple Room.

“We are expecting a lot of excitement on that day as we celebrate Clark’s people,” said Geraldine. This is a time of reflection that will lead into the next day, Clark Memorial Homecoming Sunday.  Clark’s 2017 theme, “A New Thing, Everyday, Each Generation-Blessed!” The chosen scripture is from Isaiah 43:18-21.  This theme was developed following a recent creation of Clark’s Church Seal that is a reflection of Clark’s Mission and Clark’s Vision, to become “An Oasis of Hope, Help, Healing and Hospitality.”

For further information, call 615-329-4464.

All are invited to Clark Memorial UMC, located at 1014 14th Avenue N., where the senior pastor is Rev. Dr. Herbert L. Lester, Jr. and the associate pastor is Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Williams.

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