By Mike Patton
Special to the Tribune

Who knew applying to be the number one fan of the Tennessee Titans would lead to attending the Super Bowl LV and actually being named the number one fan in the NFL?

That wasn’t exactly what Brandon Galloway envisioned but that is what happened. He and his wife, Celesta, were flown to Tampa Bay for the event won by the Buccaneers.

He competed against two other candidates and on Saturday night Galloway was officially named the winner of the contest. His season tickets  will be paid for and he will receive two additional season tickets so he can bring more people to the games. 

Once he got there, the excitement kicked in.

“This was my first Super Bowl and it was absolutely amazing. Something out of a dream,” Galloway said.

Not only did Galloway and his wife get to attend the Super Bowl but he also got to meet a Titans player from his team.

“I met punter Bret Kern. He was in the stands by my seat. Really great to meet him.”

Along with the gift of paid seats next season and two additional paid seats, Galloway also received a trophy to commemorate his big win.

The NFL  issued this statement about the contest. “NFL fans are everything to the sport and the League. For the first time ever, the NFL launched the Fan of the Year contest to shine a light on extraordinary fans who have been a rallying force of their family, friends and/or community and inspire others through their love of football. After nearly 35,000 submissions, we are proud to shine a light on our inaugural Fan of the Year nominees and our ultimate winner, Brandon Galloway of the Tennessee Titans.”

Asked if he would do this again, Galloway had a quick response.

“Oh no. I wouldn’t enter again. I’ve had my time. It’s time for someone else to get this opportunity.”

Galloway enjoyed his time watching the Super Bowl live and now he is the reigning NFL Fan of the Year. And more importantly to him, he can continue to raise awareness about mentorship which he is passion. 

As for the experience, it will be something that he will never forget. “It was incredible. I could not explain it if I tried. It was unbelievable.”