Nashville, TENN – Crown Love Beauty Supply, the up-and-coming Black-owned beauty supply store in Antioch, is steadfastly challenging misconceptions about Black entrepreneurship in the beauty industry. With a mission rooted in community involvement, the store aims to be more than just a retail space; it’s a nexus for Black creativity, representation, and empowerment in Nashville.

“Crown Love’s mission is still the same. We are aiming to incorporate business with community involvement. Our purpose is to make our customers feel welcome and included. We approach business with gratitude and kindness. We are not just a beauty supply store, we are part of the community,” explained Co-Owner Whitney Sains.

By the end of this year, Crown Love will embark on an ambitious initiative, the “Black Business Spotlight.” This effort will see the store launching a consignment program aimed at providing local vendors with a platform to showcase their items. “We think this is a great opportunity to lift as we climb. We have so much talent in our community, we would love the chance to offer exposure to some of our local brands. The goal is for Crown Love to be a place where multiple people excel,” remarked Whitney.

Reflecting on their first year in business, the challenges faced by Crown Love underscore a pervasive misconception about Black-owned businesses in the beauty sector. “Year 1 came with a lot of ups and downs. We had no idea that the reputation was so bad. People have been vocal about the fact that they know we are open but haven’t come because ‘black-owned beauty supply stores don’t have anything,'” Whitney shared. However, Crown Love has consistently defied these misconceptions with their commitment to stocking a wide array of products and building trust with their clientele.

The recent closure of Roots Hair and Beauty, a renowned Black-owned beauty supply store that had locations in Chattanooga and Nashville, was a poignant reminder of the challenges and stereotypes faced by Black entrepreneurs. “Roots was a major inspiration for us to open our doors in Antioch. When we lived in Chattanooga, we shopped there often,” recalled Whitney.

In the face of adversity, Crown Love Beauty Supply stands as a testament to the resilience, innovation, and excellence of Black entrepreneurship in Nashville’s beauty industry. With initiatives like the Black Business Spotlight, the store is poised to shape the future of beauty retail in the region while uplifting its community.

For those interested in learning more about the innovative “Black Business Spotlight” initiative or looking to explore collaborative opportunities, Crown Love Beauty Supply invites you to get in touch. Reach out directly via email at or call at 615.730.9087. Your journey into the heart of Nashville’s evolving beauty industry begins with Crown Love.


Providing a space for members of the Nashville community to purchase hair and beauty supplies, Crown Love Beauty Supply will open with the mission to serve its clientele with quality products and customer service. The company seeks to serve the underserved and overlooked African American community, delivering an understanding of their customer’s beauty needs. To learn more visit

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