Courtney Adeleye

By Taylor Sanchez

Courtney Adeleye started her company, The Mane Choice, with $500 in savings and a dream. She has since taken the company public and turned that initial investment to $100,000,000.  Now, she is embarking on a new journey with her company, Olbali, and will bring jobs to 1200 people nationwide. 

According to Adeleye, “ When it comes to Olbali and its future success, the journey is very intentional, but the vision is much greater than me. I’m invested in changing the lives of 1 million+ families over the next few years.” With Olbali, founded just a year ago, she desired to bring all her private brands under one roof. 

Olbali’s products are unique and designed with the assistance of a clinical doctor that Adeleye worked alongside of, and her sales prove the lasting power of quality products. Not only is Adeleye interested in making great products, she’s also interested in creating opportunities for marginalized communities throughout the United States. Olbali believes that their employees are family, and they work to empower the communities they are in by hiring a diverse workforce. 

For women of color nationwide, she has this advice “Nike said it best. “Just Do It.” There isn’t an industry out there that isn’t over-saturated enough to prevent people from following their dreams. Everyone is unique and has a special gift. It isn’t what you do, it’s how you do it.”

According to Olbali’s website “Whether you’re looking for a small addition to your income, or you’d like to develop a new career, there’s a place for you in Olbali’s welcoming community. You’ll have the special advantages of a ground-floor opportunity combined with the reassurance of an already successful brand and leader.”

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