Joseph Webb, D.Sc., FACHE, CEO, Nashville General Hospital

“At first they will ask why you’re doing it. Later they’ll ask how you did it.” – unknown

 NASHVILLE, TN — Chronic Care Model, Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), Population Health Management, Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim, Malcolm Baldridge, 4DX.  If you’ve never heard of these terms, then more than likely, we have not had the pleasure of meeting to talk about the great things happening at Nashville General Hospital.

Since my arrival in January 2015, Nashville General Hospital has been on a path of transformation. We have talked the talk and walked the walk on moving the hospital toward less reliance on Metro Government funding. In November, the FY2018 Metro Audit stated NGH’s net position improved $26.5 million since June 2015. 

Recently, we presented Mayor Briley with a $44.9 million budget request for the Fiscal Year 2020.  This is $2.7M less than the Hospital Authority’s FY 2019 request of $47.6M and $10.8M less from the Hospital Authority’s FY 2018 request of $55.7M. This decrease is counter to what is happening nationwide with the escalation of healthcare costs. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), projects a 5.5 percent, continuous growth per year in national healthcare spending for 2018-27.  

Let me repeat this: Nashville General Hospital’s net position improved $26.5M since June 2015 and the Hospital Authority is requesting $2.7M LESS from Metro than last year.  

Regardless of what others choose to print or any creative narratives about how Nashville General Hospital operates or why we have talked about Chronic Care, PCMH, Pop Health, Triple Aim, Baldridge, and 4DX, this is the outcome.  With these initiatives in place, Nashville General Hospital will continue to progress under this leadership team.

I am honored and proud to work with each member of our hospital team – clinical, non-clinical, providers, and physicians. Together, with the support from the Hospital Authority Board, NGH Foundation Board, the Metro Council, and Mayor Briley and his administration, we can continue to move Nashville General Hospital forward. 

Established in April 1890, Nashville General Hospital is the City’s original community hospital. We are proud of our 129-year history and look forward to the future.  We hope you join us on our journey.