American Baptist College's famous archway.

NASHVILLE, TN — American Baptist College’s 65th Garnett|Nabrit Lecture Series is upon us, set for March 20-22, 2023. This will be the first in-person series since 2020. The last two have been virtual, because of COVID-19.  The event will be held at Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church, located at 1203 Ninth Ave., N, in Nashville, and the late night services will be at Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist Church, located at 2708 Jefferson Street. You may register at

This year’s theme is “Where Legacy meets the Future…On the Road to 100.  Celebrating History|Shaping the Future. “We are so excited about our in-person 65th Garnet|Nabrit Lectures, returning to this status after three years.  “It is a joyous Alumni Revival and we welcome our alumni, friends and others to be a part of this experience,” said Dr. Forrest Harris, president of American Baptist College.

There will be 27 speakers and presenters at the three-day event, with additional speakers and preachers at the highly popular late night service.

“GNL is a popular event for American Baptist College,” said Dr. Febbie Dickerson, vice president of academic and student affairs and co-chair of the Lecture Series. We want our students involved in this historic event,” she added.

During the event, the late Dr. Susie McClure of Nashville who transitioned recently at the age of 107, and Dr. Negil McPherson of Omaha, who is the oldest ‘known’ living ABC alumnus, at 95 years young will be recognized.

The jam-packed schedule has information ranging from a theological framework to social justice, with seasoned alumni, as well as younger graduates, all making an imprint in various communities throughout the world.

Featured alumni speakers include Rev. Tamika Robertson, Rev. Dr. Don Darius Butler, Rev. Breonus Mitchell, Sr.  Rev. Ella Clay, Rev. David Tucker, Jr. and Rev. George Parks, Jr. 

National speakers include Rev. Jennifer Carner from Atlanta, Rev. Dr. Julius Scruggs, and ABC alumnus from Huntsville, AL, and Rev. Dr. Danielle Brown, from Plainsville, NJ among many others.

“We want our attendees to be positively impacted with our first in-person lecture series since 2019.  The team has worked diligently and tirelessly to make this an outstanding experience,” said Andre’ Trice, director of Endowment Services and coordinator of the lecture series.

“These are turbulent times in our lives throughout the world. Therefore, it is the perfect time for us to come together with GNL and discuss the relevancy of God’s word for us to stay focused and filled with faith, as we celebrate and shape our future,” said President Harris.