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Tax season, here and gone in a flash!  It’s like that every year, but it’s getting evermore challenging each year for everyone. Some taxpayers want  to file early or as soon as possible; leaving behind the missing untraditional tax documents needed to make a complete filing.  Many are having to make corrections through amendments because all relevant documents had not been received before filing . And the IRS is still having problems processing returns in a timely manner.

The IRS admits that this year was very challenging and is asking for more operational money to make the next tax seasons run smoothly.  Historic backlogs at the IRS has caused taxpayers to panic. They are mostly concerned with wanting to know where a refund is or why an unexpected tax notice has arrived. Unfortunately, many taxpayers are blaming  the tax professionals for the delays and not realizing that it is an IRS problem. 

The agency is still addressing the 23.5 million tax return backlog from last filing season.  In a recent meeting  on Thursday, April 21, the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Government Operations held a hearing entitled, “IRS: Is It Ready?” Chair Connolly said these issues stem from budget cuts, staffing shortages and lack of technological investment. Therefore, he urged Congress to provide adequate resources to the IRS and hold its leadership accountable. Specifically, Chair Connolly supported the information technology (IT) upgrade provisions in the American Rescue Plan Act as well as the $80 billion proposed under the Build Back Better Act, which he said would allow the IRS to invest in 2D barcode technology.

Ranking Member Jody Hice (R-GA) said increasing IRS funding is too simplistic an answer to address the ongoing challenges facing the agency. He instead accused the IRS of poorly managing its IT projects and withholding information about the root causes of its inefficiencies. Ranking Member Hice also said the proposed $80 billion in the Build Back Better Act would be mandatory funding, which he said would diminish congressional oversight. He explained the IRS staffing shortage is evidence of the agency’s inability to utilize technological investments to increase efficiency, and he urged Congress to increase its oversight.

As the IRS strides to improve their system , catching up on the millions of returns in their pipeline is going to require a huge work force working consistently and diligently. Until this happens the IRS will continue to have delays during tax seasons and taxpayers will continue to experience challenges as well.

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