By Logan Langlois

NASHVILLE, TN — Lustful Bath is an independent Black-owned beauty, cosmetic, and personal care business that takes pride in using “about 95%” natural ingredients to the delight of its dedicated client base. The company is run by power couple Darryl and TK Davis, with TK conceptualizing most of the products and their packaging, and Darryl handling most of the administrative work, website running, graphic design, and creating of men’s products. The two also work together in conducting the research needed when creating products such as these, research that the two-take great pride in claiming proves how their products are naturally far better for the human body than their mass-produced competition. 

The two began their journey into embracing natural products when TK began researching better ways to treat the symptoms of her son’s cerebral palsy, beginning with simple remedies such as foot baths using Epsom salts and bath bombs. After a little while, however, the two began growing tired of buying through Amazon as they also increasingly noticed the limited assistance that commercial products were offering for their son’s various skin conditions and irritation resulting from the friction of his braces rubbing up against his legs. During this time, the two began using more natural products both to treat their son’s skin as well as help relax his muscles. After seeing the proven positive effect that their natural products were having on their son’s life and body, the two began using natural concoctions on their own skin and were amazed by the results. 

“It’s crazy because me and Darryl … always thought that we had bad skin and it’s because we were using commercial products,” said TK as if reliving her revelation. “As soon as we started using natural products … my skin cleared up, his skin cleared up, my son doesn’t really have abrasions anymore.”

While making their products, the Davis’ say that they are always careful to research every mineral that they put into their selection to ensure that each one of their ingredients contributes beneficial effects for the human body. Afterward, they try to match unique smells and themes to their products’ intended use to both stand out from the crowd, give their customers a unique experience, and most fun of all as a creative outlet they can be proud of. The two described the process of following their noses and selecting what smells go with what minerals and shapes as a creative one that they revel in, especially TK who spends additional time decorating items such as bath bombs to give them their unique Lustful Bath look. 

The couple was pleased to announce that they have a new line of hair care, including hair oil, coming down the pipeline and projected to become available to their customers hopefully sometime during the end of June. Darryl even joked during the announcement, “I’m bald … so this is a really interesting dynamic for me.” 

He further elaborated that he draws inspiration for the hair care he contributes to Lustful Bath from his observations while studying the hair care industry, and how in comparison to the number of products serving Caucasians, or what he described as reading as “normal hair”, there aren’t nearly as many options for Black customers. This observation has led Lustful Bath to strive in creating hair care products that are well suited to care for Black hair while keeping the ingredients in their products as naturally based as possible. 

Additional information is available at or @lustfulbath on Instagram and Facebook.