Jacqueline Shannon and a worker among the various goods from various independent holistic vendors.

By Logan Langlois

GALLATIN, TN — Resting on the quiet little corner of East Main Street and South Water Avenue sits Stone Harmony, an independently Black-owned crystal and holistic shop founded and operated by Jacqueline Shannon. Since launching their products and services to be sold exclusively online in 2017, Stone Harmony has been met with steady success as well as a growing community around the store. 

This momentum, as well as the desire to be Gallatin’s first crystal shop, is what motivated Shannon to open Stone Harmony’s first brick-and-mortar location in 2019. Since then, the store has changed locations this past year, relocating its current location to 101 E Main St., Suite 101 in Gallatin, and has increasingly become a respected pillar of the Gallatin community. This positive reception has been generated by a regular customer base consisting of many who would normally travel all the way to Nashville to seek out the services Jacqueline provides and are now thankful to have a store like Stone Harmony closer to home.

Shannon went on to say that being self-employed and working on her passion feels especially good considering the circumstances which led to her first getting into crystals. It was at this time she was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive cancer that has an average life expectancy of five years. Soon after, Jacqueline’s sister introduced her to the holistic way of life by bringing her oils, foods, and crystals to use on herself in addition to her cancer treatments. 

As time passed Shannon began to feel increasingly better, and her sister took her to her first crystal store to shop for herself. Shannon would eventually make a full recovery from her cancer diagnosis, currently being “ten years out.” 

“I don’t have to go to the doctor anymore, I did my last one in August,” she continued with a smile. “So, I’m good, we’re done. I’m happy, I do not expect that to come back.” 

In an attempt to help people get through some of the hard times they may have in their lives, Stone Harmony has established several community-building events which allow people to support each other. One of these is the Sisters Circle, which consists of women in the Gallatin community coming together to share support, experiences, and laughter monthly. 

Shannon’s advice for first-time shoppers is when they enter the store, take time to slow down, walk around with an open mind and pay attention to what crystals stand out.

“Everything has a description on it in the store, but don’t go through that first,” she explained in a recent interview. “If you’re drawn to it, pick it up, feel it, and then read about it. You were drawn to it for a reason ‘cause I can only put so much on those pieces of paper. There’s way more … things that they’re known to do. So, I just tell people ‘go with your first gut instinct.’ And also ask me questions! I don’t know everything, I know a little bit, I can help out that way.”

Among some of the most popular items is Shannon’s homemade oil named ‘self-love formula’ which she’s been making for two years and has been in the highest demand next to the store crystals.

 If customers are looking for more options, Stone Harmony hosts goods from several different local vendors in their store. 

Stone Harmony’s hours of operation are Wednesday through Saturday between 10 AM and 7 PM, and Sunday between noon and 4 PM. Additional information and other inquiries can be found on Stone Harmony’s website thestoneharmony.com.